Lovestruck Box

Our heart-shaped chocolate was made to celebrate love. It's filled with pretzels, truffles, meringue kisses, and chocolate pearls for that added special touch! Use the included wooden mallet to break open this treasure trove of sweet treats inside.


7g Roasted Pretzels
2g Mini Hearts Sprinkles
2 pcs Caramel Bonbon
1 pc Truffle Pyramid Rose Champagne
1 pc Truffle Pyramid Macadamia Honey
1 pc Truffle Pyramid Antoinette
1 pc Truffle Pyramid Caramella
3 pcs White Pretzels
3 pcs Dark Pretzels
6 pcs Truffle Heart Bonbons
21 pcs Meringue Kisses
15g Chocolate Pearls
10g Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Ribbon and Tag

1 Wooden Mallet
1 Box 8x8x3

*Delivery starts on February 5, 2023.


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