Bizu Macaron de Paris Canister of 14

Pioneered in the Philippines by Bizu, this macaron experience is definitely something you would not want to miss- a luscious combination of buttercream sandwiched in between almond meringue shells.

Available in different flavors that will match your preferences:
Belgian Chocolate - Belgian chocolate infused buttercream.
Madagascar Vanilla - Perfumes of vanilla.
Espresso Con Panna - Lavazza Espresso infused with cream.
Raspberry - French raspberry infused buttercream.
Blueberry - Blueberry infused buttercream.
French Earl Grey - Fusion of tea leaves, orange bergamot & corn petals.
Salted Caramel - Dipped in chocolate and praline.
Rose - Aromas of rose
Italian Pistachio - Piemonte pistachio buttercream.
Queso de Bola - White chocolate ganache with cheddar cheese and queso de bola.

Allergens: Dairy, Tree Nuts, Egg
Shelf Life: 3 days / chilled
Lead Time: 2 days

Best way to eat your Bizu Macaron de Paris:
1. To preserve freshness, place your macarons in the freezer.

2. Before consumption, thaw your macarons from the freezer 5 to 10 minutes to enjoy their flavor.
3. Best consumed within 7 days of purchase.
4. Eat and enjoy your cold and chewy Bizu macarons!

Allergens: Dairy, Tree Nuts, Egg, and Wheat
Lead Time: 1 day 

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